Tribology Systems, Inc. is a recognized leader in solid-lubricated bearing technology. Using an Elastohydrodynamic (EHD) design concept of a bearing makes possible the computation of the mechanics of lubrication performance. TSI has played a leading role in the practical application of these new EHD concepts, by developing proprietary bearing lubrication analyses tools and unique patented configurations. This allows TSI's engineers to optimize the performance of the bearing and lubricant systems in a wide variety of both industrial and aerospace applications.

Patented Flywheel

Energy Storage

Patented Oil-free / Greaseless Bearing Technology

Bearing Consulting

Tap into 40 years of failure analysis and research

TSIís patented bearing technology is the enabling technology in our flywheel system that allows slow discharge rates of several hours or days. TSIís flywheel system is the ONLY system on the market that performs long duration discharge!

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