Lewis B. Sibley, CEO and CTO, Tribology Systems, Inc., Warminster, PA; BME, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Battelle Institute: Project Leader; research on elastohydrodynamic (EHD) lubrication, solid lubricants, and ceramics for aircraft gas-turbine and missile bearings and seals.  SKF Technology Services:  Manager of Research; development and testing of aerospace, automotive, railroad and other industrial bearings; over twenty years of research and  failure analysis of a wide variety of industrial and aerospace bearing applications including solid lubricated ceramics;

authored chapter in ASME Wear Control Handbook.  Tribology Consultants: analysis and solution of unusual bearing and lubrication problems in industry; expert witness; published technical education materials.  Leading authority on EHD lubrication theory for rolling bearings.  His contributions have become an accepted part of standard bearing engineering practice.  Has published over seventy technical papers and ten patents, including recent patents on solid lubrication concepts and flywheel energy storage systems.  Elected Life Fellow of ASME and Fellow of STLE (Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers); awarded STLE Hunt Medal; edited recent ASME book on Achievements in Tribology.