Tribology Systems
Patented oil-free / greaseless Bearing Technology

If instituted worldwide; our Patented Bearing Technology will save thousands of barrels of oil from being converted to grease and

lubricating oil.

Patented Self-Film-Replenishing Solid-Lubricated Bearing Technology – Ringlube® and AEROFLOAT® Systems completely eliminates grease and oil lubrication from most bearings.  This reduction in the use of grease and oil lubrication will be significant. Nearly 11% of each barrel of oil is used to make 1 gallon of lubricating oil & grease!


Moreover, the initial lubrication used during bearing assembly at the manufacturer and during the re-lubrication cycle places a large carbon-foot-print on all equipment. Eliminating grease and oil from these bearings translates into a pronounced reduction in the use of fossil fuels on equipment and machinery. 

Self-Film-Replenishing Solid-Lubricated System Works with all types of Ball Bearings (large to miniature), Spherical Plain Bearings, Needle and Tapered Roller, Slewing Ring...

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